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Marketing Services

As you’ve likely learned the hard way, marketing is not what it used to be. Simply running an ad no longer cuts it. If you expect to compete in the increasingly competitive landscape, you better be ready to step up your game. And, it won’t be by using the old, traditional “interrupter” marketing methods unless you are a nationwide, Fortune 500 business with a marketing budget in the millions. You also can’t assume that just because you are the neighborhood business that you are the only game in town, because you are not. Your competitors include everyone online, including free shipping from Amazon.

So, what’s a business to do?

If traditional forms of marketing no longer work (known as “outbound marketing,” where you are blasting out your marketing messages in hopes that some of it hits your targeted audience), what are the smarter, effective, and more affordable options?

Solution: Inbound Marketing

(also called digital marketing or content marketing)

Inbound marketing is marketing that draws customers to you when they have the need for the services or products you provide. This means the customers are in control, and if you want to be considered in their decision-making, you have to be where they are going for information.

To learn what “inbound marketing” is all about and how it works, check out Marketing Your Business in the Digital Age, Part 1 and How Does Inbound Marketing Work? Part 2. To learn how to do it yourself, Developing an Inbound Marketing Plan for Your Business, Part 3 and Implementing Your Inbound Marketing Plan, Part 4. But, when you need some help, let Biz Webmasters provide an affordable solution.

To request a quote on marketing services for your business, please fill out the price request on this page. If you also need pricing information on website design and management, complete our website price quote form as well.

Level I Marketing: SEO for Local Optimization

  • Set up Google Analytics tracking to analyze your traffic and most effective web pages
  • Create a Google Analytics Dashboard for your organization, making analysis and review simple
  • List your business on the 100’s of search directories so it will be found online and boost local search engine rankings
  • Add your company to “Google My Business” to assure you’ll show up in Google’s search results
  • Price: one-time set-up fee of $500

Level II Marketing: SEO & Marketing

  • Everything included in Level I plus…
  • Local website optimization to further increase your business site’s chances for top ranking in local searches
  • Consulting and analysis for an initial inbound marketing campaign (smart goal selection, persona development, customer journey strategy, content plan, email strategy)
  • Add two content-focused website pages specifically dedicated to your company’s primary marketing goal
  • Design one landing page for professional download content
  • Create professional copywriting and design of downloadable content
  • Content development for three email nurtures
  • Goal conversion tracking added to Google Analytics
  • Price: one-time set-up of $2500 (This level does not include CRM software)

Level III Marketing: CRM, SEO, and Inbound Marketing

  • Everything included in Level I & II plus…
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) set-up using InfusionSoft
  • Customized dashboard for InfusionSoft reporting
  • Website form development for one marketing campaign, including tags, tracking, and reporting for campaign goals
  • Email nurture campaign set-up, including related tags and tracking
  • Additional directory listing audits and adding your business where appropriate
  • Custom search engine reporting (see how your website is ranking, how many visitors or conversions you are getting)
  • Price: $3500 one-time set-up and $130 per month

Other business marketing services a la carte:

All prices for additional business marketing campaigns are available upon request.

  • Some of these include:
  • Postcard campaigns
  • PPC campaigns
  • Additional inbound marketing campaigns
  • Blog post development
  • Video editing (scripting, storyboard, editing, publishing)
  • Social media ad campaigns
  • PR campaign (events, media, etc.)