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Website Best Practices

Responsive websites: seamless adaptation to the times 2019-11-12

Does your business website have a responsive design yet? If not, your website is old and outdated, and you risk not being seen. But you can change that!

Want an effective website? Think, white. 2019-11-11

Want your business website to stand out, get noticed, attract customers? Then don't underestimate the value of good design, including whitespace.

Do I need a website designer? 2019-07-25

We can all agree that a positive online presence is important, whether your company has been around for generations or since yesterday.

Your Website and that Important First Impression 2019-11-04

It makes me cringe to write this tired cliché, but you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Yeah, it’s that important.

DIY Website Management 2019-09-25

Oh, how I love the smell of fresh-baked, homemade bread wafting through my home. It beckons my family to emerge from their caves and partake of the warm goodness. It encourages conversation and coaxes out smiles.

Marketing Your Business in the Digital Age, Part 1 2019-09-21

Not sure how to market your business in our ever-changing digital age? This blog series will get you started!

Web Accessibility Testing for Business Websites: Keyboard Accessibility 2020-03-16

As business owners, we design our websites with our clients in mind. A keyboard-accessible business website is one that everyone, including past, current, and potential clients, can fully access using only the keyboard.

An accessible website keeps us in compliance with accessibility laws and provides an inclusive user experience for everyone.

How to Use Inbound Marketing to Win Hearts and Minds 2019-10-08

Inbound marketing attracts the customers you want by providing them with relevant and helpful information when and where they need it. Learn how to use your website to do just that!